‘No Time to Die’ Review: Daniel Craig’s Bond Gets the Send-Off He Deserves in the Series’ Best Entry Since ‘Casino Royale’

It’s an unabashedly conventional Bond film that’s been made with high finesse and just the right touch of soul, as well as enough sleek surprise to keep you on edge.Before I go further, though, let me lay my baccarat cards on the table.

I thought “Casino Royale,” the first film in which Daniel Craig portrayed 007, was the greatest Bond film since the early Sean Connery days, and in many ways the most perfectly realized Bond movie ever.

To me, the trio of Bond films that came after “Casino Royale” have added up to one of the most profoundly disappointing follow-throughs of any contemporary film series.

Quantum of Solace” was all trumped-up mechanics, “Spectre” was an elaborate piece of product that went through the motions ­— and “Skyfall,” though I realize many Bond watchers think it’s a masterpiece, was, to me, sodden and overstated, with a meta-hammy megalomanic

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