‘Nobody’ Director on Potential ‘John Wick’ Universe and Building the Craziest Fight Scene of the Year

[Editor’s note: The following interview contains some spoilers for the end of “Nobody.”]Director Ilya Naishuller loves a little misdirection.

Case in point: his sophomore effort, the Bob Odenkirk action vehicle “Nobody,” which ostensibly follows the “Better Call Saul” actor as the eponymous nobody Hutch Mansell as he’s pushed to crazy ends after violent crime invades his suburban life.

But with the innovative action minds of Naishuller, writer Derek Kolstad, and super-producers David Leitch and Kelly McCormick behind the project, there’s clearly something else going on here, a nice little surprise for audiences who might think they have the movie figured out.“I think Universal did a great job [making the trailer], in the sense that I love the misdirect,” Naishuller said in a recent interview with IndieWire.

“I love that you expect a more straight up ‘John Wick’ movie and there’s a little bit more inside if you just care to look, scratch the surface.

I’d much prefer it this way: under-promise,

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