‘Nobody Knows I’m Here’ Review: Jorge Garcia Gives His Best Performance Since ‘Lost’ in Netflix Drama

Ten years have passed since Jorge Garcia wrapped his breakthrough role as the scene-stealing goofball on ABC’s “Lost,” and the world hasn’t seen much of him since then.

The same can be said for Memo Garrido, the soft-spoken recluse portrayed by Garcia in what amounts to his first lead role with the Chilean drama “Nobody Knows I’m Here,” which makes up for missed time.

Gaspar Antillo’s directorial debut is a curious and intriguing mixed bag that meshes “A Star Is Born” with “Searching for Sugarman” to craft the sullen backwoods story of a talented singer hiding from the world that rejected his talent long ago.

Despite a bumpy screenplay and some odd tonal choices, .Despite the mysterious aura, “Nobody Knows I’m Here” wastes little time establishing Memo’s backstory: Grainy video recounts the melodic voice of his childhood, and how his father struggled to make a buck

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