Noel Clarke Writing a Script Following Sexual Misconduct Accusations: ‘The Ptsd Is Real’

British actor Noel Clarke revealed he is working on a project about cancel culture based on his own experiences after being accused of sexual harassment and bullying in 2021.“I am writing a script about all this shit,” Clarke tweeted.

“I’m 30 pages in, but the Ptsd is real.”The “Doctor Who” actor previously shared a video claiming he was cleared of wrongdoing by London’s Metropolitan Police.“I want you to remember what was said about me,” Clarke shared.

“More people coming forward to the police, ‘police are investigating this that the other’ and eventually, ‘police stop the investigation due to insufficient evidence’ and all that sort of malarkey.

I’m going to remember all of that, because it might give me greater Ptsd but that’s what we’re saying.”Clarke continued to reveal that he had requested information from the police on his case under the U.K.

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