‘Olga’ Review: This Tiny Swiss Sports Drama Illuminates What Ukrainians Are Going Through

An intense portrait of personal obsession — à la “Black Swan” — set at the time of 2013’s Maidan Uprising, “Olga” anticipates so much of the current situation in Ukraine.

Elie Grappe’s prescient debut begins and ends in a country whose people united against corruption, successfully ousting Russian-friendly president Viktor Yanukovych, though the story takes place mostly in Switzerland.

Even before Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion, “Olga” was an incredibly strong film, but now, the Kino Lorber release should be considered essential viewing for art-house audiences.If all the bad news from that corner of the world bums you out, give the movie 10 minutes to prove itself.

Without spoiling the shock, suffice to say that Olympics-bound gymnast Olga is single-mindedly focused on her sport, practicing the difficult Jaeger move with her coach.

But in the ride home with her similarly monomaniacal mother — a high-profile investigative journalist for a newspaper critical of

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