Olivia Colman Accepts Zurich Award, Praises Co-Star Anthony Hopkins

Currently shooting her new film and unable to travel to Switzerland due to new Covid-19 restrictions, British actress Olivia Colman tuned in live on Saturday to accept her Golden Eye Award at the Zurich Film Festival, taking place physically and celebrating its 16th edition.

One of the festival’s most prestigious recognitions, counting the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal, Andrew Garfield, Helen Hunt and Kristen Stewart among its past recipients.“If she were here, I would be probably bowing right now – I would see Queen Anne from ‘The Favourite’ or Queen Elizabeth from ‘The Crown’ in front of me.

Indeed, she is nothing less than the current queen of Hollywood,” said artistic director Christian Jungen.

“What impressed me the most was the way she expressed the eccentricity and the tragedy of the monarch who has lost 17 children and kept 17 rabbits in her royal apartments.

There are several outstanding character actresses, especially from Great Britain,

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