‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’: Quentin Tarantino Channels ‘Night of the Living Dead’ at the Spahn Ranch

Quentin Tarantino’s bittersweet intersection of fact and fiction in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” takes a creepy turn when introducing the hippie Manson Family, who lived at the rundown Spahn Movie Ranch during the lead up to the infamous Sharon Tate murders in August, 1969.

Naturally, Tarantino couldn’t resist riffing on “Night of the Living Dead.”“What’s neat — and I can’t truly take credit for it — is just the mise-en-scene,” Tarantino told IndieWire’s Anne Thompson.

“It’s the production design [by Barbara Ling].

One of the best sets I ever had of any of my movies was rebuilding the Spahn Ranch.

And we did a wonderful job casting those gals.

It’s scary and it is creepy.

We’re not doing anything to make anything scary or creepy, it just is.

It’s a wonderful alchemy we captured and I didn’t break the mood.”“The

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