One Moment From 2007’s The Mist Genuinely Scared Stephen King

Frank Darabont has plenty to be proud of.

The writer-director behind the likes of “The Shawshank Redemption” and “The Green Mile,” and showrunner for “The Walking Dead” has earned legions of dedicated fans over his multi-decade career.

He’s long been considered one of the best adapters of author Stephen King’s work, and in 2007, he helmed another of King’s stories, “The Mist,” for the big screen.

With a terrific ensemble cast, gnarly creature effects, and an ending that will make you either love the movie or hate its guts, “The Mist” earned wide acclaim and stands as one of the top horror movies of its decade.

But what Darabont is most proud of is terrifying the author of “The Stand” with a real-deal Holyfield jump scare.The 2008 DVD release of the film contains an informative special feature, with a chat between Darabont and the horror maestro himself.

In “The Mist:

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