‘Onward’: How Pixar Conjured VFX Magic for Tom Holland’s Elf Wizard

Pixar got to nerd out on fantasy and magic for the first time with “Onward” (March 6), in which two teenage Elf brothers (the McU’s Tom Holland and Chris Pratt) try to resurrect their dad from the dead using a 24-hour magic spell.

Think “The Lord of the Rings” meets “Weekend at Bernie’s,” only would-be wizard Ian (Holland), has no idea what to do, and must rely on older brother Barley (Pratt), for instructions about the rules of wizarding and how to leverage their civilization’s lost fantasy world.First, the Pixar team formed The Fellowship group to create the rules of the magic spells, including the rhyming incantations and how they would visually look.

“We had to realize something that’s abstract and personify it,” said Vincent Serritella, the effects supervisor.

“We had to converge on the idea of an image of magic, go back to the base

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