‘Orphan: First Kill’ Review: Isabelle Fuhrman Is Marvelously Deranged in a Prequel That Should Satisfy Fans

It’s Estonia, 2007, and the opening sequence of “Orphan-First-Kill-2022-movie-posters/”>Orphan: First Kill” assures we are in the realm of a horror movie because it opens with an overheard shot of a car snaking up a mountainous road blanketed in snow.

That’s an obvious crib from “The Shining” that horror filmmakers can’t ever seem to resist, and it’s never not a charming genre in-joke in the key of the Wilhelm Scream, an evocative and easy reference filmmakers love to throw in to put us in a chilling mood.From there, this prequel to the 2009 cult favorite “Orphan,” now directed by William Brent Bell taking over from the first film’s director Jaume Collet-Serra, mostly diverges from such high-minded fare, settling into trashy TV movie vibes for the rest of its twist-laden run time.

Despite another marvelously deranged performance from Isabelle Fuhrman, , beloved for its risible-on-paper plot about a 33-year-old

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