Oscar-Nominated Actors Reveal the Moment They Clicked With Their Characters

Ask actors about the craftwork involved in developing their character and they will quite often speak of a moment — a costume fitting, a line read, a voice and diction session — when they felt that figure take over and they became engrossed in the role.For “Lady Bird” star Laurie Metcalf, nominated this year for a supporting actress Academy Award, it began with a hairclip.“When I got the hair going and was able to throw it up in the back with a clip and that really looked [like] somebody who had other things on her mind than what she looked like for the day,” Metcalf says of her role as Marion McPherson, the harried matriarch who is frequently set as an unwitting sparring partner against her teenage daughter in writer-director Greta Gerwig’s much-praised production about a struggling Sacramento family in the early aughts.

“She’s a nurse and was pulling long hours at the hospital.

But also, it

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