Oscar-Nominated Short Film ‘A Concerto Is a Conversation’ Bridges Generations in a Tale About Family and Race in America

Oscar-nominated short film “A Concerto Is a Conversation” is the story of love between a grandfather and his grandson woven together through music.

It’s also a narrative about race in America.Composer Kris Bowers, the virtuoso behind “Green Book” and “When They See Us,” wears multiple hats for the film, as co-director (with friend Ben Proudfoot), producer, composer and star.

He appears alongside his 91-year-old grandfather Horace Bowers Sr.The 13-minute film is the result of a short piece Proudfoot had been working on for L.A.

Film School, which had commissioned him for a project addressing the intersection between Los Angeles and music.

He reached out to Bowers after learning the composer was set to appear at Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles for a violin concerto with the American Youth Symphony.

“He asked if he could follow me writing that piece,” Bowers remembers.The day

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