Oscars 2021: Here Are the Movies That Deserve to Win, According to 30 Film Critics

Many critics roll their eyes at Oscar season, and when it runs all the way through April — an anomaly this time — who can blame them? With the same crop of movies dissected ad infinitum for eight months and counting, the conversations about the “state of the race” often eclipse ones about cinematic quality.

Thankfully, many of this year’s top contenders for the gold also happen to be critical favorites.

If the 30 critics who voted in this year’s edition of our annual Oscar critics poll had their way, many of the expected outcomes on Sunday’s show would remain the same.However, the results for Best Picture also cast doubt on the very idea of anointing a single winner as the very best movie of 2020.

The top vote-getters in that category resulted in a tie, with official frontrunner “Nomadland” splitting the prize with “Minari.” Both movies are quiet, lyrical

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