Owen Wilson on ‘Wedding Crashers’ Sequel: ‘It’s Figuring Out if We Could Do Something Worthwhile’

It seems Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn aren’t quite ready to renew their vows.Despite several reports that Wilson, Vaughn, Isla Fisher and Rachel McAdams are all on board to make a sequel to the 2005 hit comedy “Wedding Crashers” for HBO Max and will start up production this summer, Wilson tells Variety that progress on a sequel is still very much in the early planning stages.“Some people are saying that you guys are going to be going in August, and that’s not right,” Wilson told Variety in an interview about his upcoming Marvel Studios series “Loki” for Disney Plus.Instead, Wilson says that director David Dobkin “has been working on something,” and that he has been “talking with Vince” — but progress on the project has not progressed much farther than that.This is far from the first time there’s been talk of a “Wedding Crashers” sequel.

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