‘Pacific Rim Uprising,’ ‘Jurassic World 3’ Writer Emily Carmichael Was Born to Pen Tentpoles

After double-majoring at Harvard University, writing the script to a big-budget tentpole like “Pacific Rim Uprising” should have been a cakewalk, and screenwriter Emily Carmichael somewhat agrees.Carmichael, who majored in both literature and visual & environmental studies, has become one of Hollywood’s go-to scribes when it comes to blockbusters.

In addition to co-penning the “Pacific Rim” sequel, she is also on board to co-write the script to 2021’s “Jurassic World 3.”With “Pacific Rim Uprising” out now, Carmichael talked with Variety about the excitement of taking on the new installment, what she learned from veteran Hollywood producer Mary Parent and director Colin Trevorrow, and what she has in store for her first directing gig.What was tougher, writing a script for a major studio movie or getting a dual degree at Harvard?[Laughter] Anybody who walks into the right office has to be a dual major at Harvard.It was

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