‘Paddington 2’ Is No Longer the Top Movie on Rotten Tomatoes Because of One Bad Review

The 2017 sequel “Paddington 2” is one of the most adored films of the 21st century, with fans among adults and kids alike.

Director Paul King’s beloved story of the joy-spreading bear was also considered to be the top-rated film of all time on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, with a whopping 100-percent score.

Well, now that’s changed, as one rotten review scrounged up from 2017 and now added to the film’s page has dropped the score to 99 percent.The review comes from Film Authority writer Eddie Harrison, who found the movie to be “contrived and ridiculous,” adding, “I reviewed ‘Paddington 2’ negatively for BBC radio on release in 2017, and on multiple occasions after that, and I stand by every word of my criticism.

This is not my Paddington Bear, but a sinister, malevolent imposter who should be shot into space, or nuked from space at the first opportunity.

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