‘Palm Springs’ Editor Matthew Friedman Breaks Down Cutting Key Scenes

When it came to editing Hulu’s “Palm Springs,” the key to cutting for editor Matthew Friedman (“The Farewell”) was not to make scenes repetitive.

The film stars Adam Samberg plays Nyles, a wedding guest stuck in a time loop.

Soon, he’s joined by Sarah, played by Cristin Millioti, and together they relive the same day over and over.Friedman breaks down the key to cutting comedy and frames two key scenes from the movie: the pool scene loop and the montage sequence for “Palm Springs.”Editing ComedyThe key thing in the cutting room was not to let the audience get ahead of the story, and that’s one of the core principles of cutting comedy.

The key to cutting comedies is all about timing and to give the audience just enough time to form incorrect expectations.

If you subvert it too fast, it’s not going to be funny,

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