Palme d’Or Winner Julia Ducournau on Groundbreaking ‘Titane’: ‘I Don’t Want My Gender to Define Me’

The lineup for this year’s Cannes Film Festival was filled with unpredictability, but at least one certain outcome: “Titane” would get people talking.

By the end of the festival, the arrival of the second feature from 37-year-old French director Julia Ducournau would find her becoming the second female director in history to win the Palme d’Or, after Jane Campion took the prize for “The Piano” way back in 1993.

That outcome is all the more exciting in light of the movie in question.“Titane” follows Ducournau’s 2016 cannibal coming-of-age drama “Raw” with another provocative look at sexuality through the lens of genre.

Brace yourself: Newcomer Agathe Rouselle plays Alexia, an erotic dancer with a sexual attraction to cars, one of which gets her pregnant.

Oh, she’s also a serial killer, and goes into hiding after her latest killing spree by posing as the long-lost son of a workaholic

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