‘Palmer’ Review: Justin Timberlake Is an Ex-Con Who Befriends an Abandoned Little Boy in Sweet Drama

Warm acoustic guitar.

A helicopter shot of early morning sunlight falling over a river in rural Louisiana.

A bearded and clenched Justin Timberlake staring out the window of the prison bus that’s taking him back to his southern-fried hometown after a 12-year stretch behind bars.

You can tell exactly what kind of movie “Palmer” is going to be before the title card even appears onscreen: A nice (but hopefully knowing) drama about decent people finding the strength to persevere through difficult circumstances.

The kind of thing that you might fire up on a Friday night as you lie down on the couch with one eye looking at the TV screen and the other at your phone, only to find that both of them are welling up two hours later.And “Palmer” delivers on that promise.

Casual-viewing comfort food that offers just enough flavor to satisfy anyone with a taste for it,

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