‘Paranormal Activity’: The Makers Of ‘Freaky’ And ‘Underwater’ Are Teaming Up For Upcoming Reboot

The “Paranormal Activity” movies were hugely successful small-budget horror movies that got a surprising amount of mileage out of their very simple premise.

Even the worst one still had something to offer for fans of the genre, so it’s not surprising that a reboot would be in the works.Last year during an interview, returning writer Christopher Landon teased a surprising choice for the director, and now we know it will be William Eubank, who recently directed the underrated and totally awesome aquatic horror film “Underwater.”Read More: Christopher Landon Says ‘Paranormal Activity’ Reboot Has A “Surprising” Mystery Director Signed OnThe Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on the upcoming reboot of “Paranormal Activity” from Paramount Players, which will find “Freaky” director Christopher Landon reunite with Blumhouse to pen the script, while Eubank will direct.Continue reading ‘Paranormal Activity’: The Makers Of ‘Freaky’ And ‘Underwater’ Are Teaming Up

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