Park Chan-Wook’s Decision To Leave Is The Funniest Sad Movie You’ll See This Year [Fantastic Fest]

After an extremely painfully awkward (and long) lead-in by Tim League, legendary director Park Chan-wook took the stage at Fantastic Fest 2022 to introduce his new film, “Decision to Leave.” Director Park told us that one thing we should know about his latest is that it might be his funniest film yet.

He added that people who watch his movies often don’t realize they’re supposed to be funny, or at the very least miss the humor.

He concluded that he hoped we would laugh at the funny parts.Mission accomplished: the audience I was with cracked up all throughout “Decision to Leave,” me included. And yet …

this is an odd experience. Because “Decision to Leave” is also one of the year’s saddest films. I won’t go into full-blown spoilers here, but just know that Park’s newest goes to some heartbreaking places throughout its 138-minute runtime.

But the laughs keep coming, as

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