Patricia Arquette: ‘I’ve buried a lot of people I love’

As she returns to TV in the mind-bending Severance, the actor talks about life in the ‘never-ending emergency’ that is America, why she’ll never find Trump funny, and her need for a low-drama lifestyle‘How did I feel?” repeats Patricia Arquette, clearly irritated.

I have just asked the actor how it felt to land a role in Medium, the supernatural drama series that won her an Emmy – only to be asked to lose weight for the role.

Although it happened in 2005, it is still clearly a sore point.

“I felt annoyed and crappy.

But I feel like it’s been a conversation my whole life.

When True Romance came out, some critics said I was too fat or too heavy.

I changed channels recently, happened upon True Romance, and thought, ‘Oh my God, look how young I was! I had a beautiful body.

What are you talking about?’”After True Romance,

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