Patton Oswalt: ‘Messed-up relationships manifest in madness’

The comedian and actor talks about his pitch black comedy I Love My Dad, where his character catfishes his son, and the state of Marvel film-makingPlenty of movies have been pinned on seemingly foolproof plans that go catastrophically awry in execution; less common is the movie that hinges on a scheme so ill-advised, so rife with potential for disaster, so guaranteed to end in failure that one wonders why a character would even try it in the first place.The new film I Love My Dad falls into the latter category, which was precisely what drew star Patton Oswalt to it.

His face-voice combo has that special something that makes a person a sought-after character actor and winning comedian, memorable yet unobtrusive.

He’s shot hours of stand-up specials, appeared in at least one episode of all your favorite sitcoms from Parks and Recreation to Curb Your Enthusiasm (though

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