Paul Feig Is Still Annoyed By Everyone Who Leaked the Twist Ending of ‘Last Christmas’

[Editor’s note: The following post contains extensive spoilers for “Last Christmas,” including its twist ending.]Back in August, when Universal released the first trailer for Paul Feig’s rom-com “Last Christmas,” internet sleuths were quick to read between the lines and come to a conclusion much to the filmmakers chagrin: Henry Golding’s holiday knight-in-shining armor to Emilia Clarke’s disillusioned Christmas-store elf is actually a ghost.The top YouTube comment on Universal’s trailer gives reasons why: Tom (Golding) wears the same exact outfit throughout, while Kate (Clarke) is shown in an array of different clothes.

He’s also the only person interacting with Kate in the trailer.It’s impressive detective work, but not exactly accurate.

In the film, Tom is indeed dead and an apparition visible only to Kate.

It turns out the biggest spoiler, also pointed out by that same commenter, comes from the George Michael song on which the film is based and accompanies the trailer: “Last Christmas,

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