Paul Thomas Anderson: Superhero Movies Haven’t Ruined Cinema

From Martin Scorsese to Ridley Scott, the great debate surrounding the artistic validity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Dceu is the gift that keeps on giving.

Now, Paul Thomas Anderson has offered his take on superhero movies’ contributions to the art form, and he’s hardly as scathing as Scott (who called them “boring as shit”) or Scorsese (who compared Marvel movies to theme parks).

In fact, the “Licorice Pizza” and “Phantom Thread” director is optimistic about what superhero movies can do for the industry.The question came up, as it so often does, during the press cycle for Anderson’s latest film.

In an interview with The New Yorker, Anderson spoke about how he’s “happier than ever” to be able to carve his own niche in filmmaking, while acknowledging that superhero movies are the thing that will most likely bring audiences back into seats.“Boy, it

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