Paul Verhoeven Calls Out James Bond Movies for Ditching Sex: ‘There Was Always Sex’ in 007

James Bond producers have yet to announce which actor will replace Daniel Craig as the new 007 following “No Time to Die,” but filmmaker Paul Verhoeven is probably more interested in whether or not sex scenes will come back to the long-running spy franchise.

Verhoeven, who has crafted memorable sex scenes in films such as “Basic Instinct” and “Showgirls,” expressed frustration to The Sunday Times over many of today’s Hollywood studio releases being completely sexless.“It’s about crashing and blowing up,” Verhoeven said about studio films these days.

“Sometimes these movies are fun, but the narrative tells you nothing about us now.

I don’t see any other thought in Marvel or Bond movies.”Verhoeven said “I’d go back to reality” with “cars that don’t leap up into the sky” if he were in charge of the next James Bond movie.

While the director was a fan

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