PETA Calling for Criminal Probe Over Alleged ‘Jackass Forever’ Animal Cruelty

Ahead of the Paramount Pictures release of “Jackass Forever” on February 4 next year, the slapstick reality film directed by Jeff Tremaine is already in hot water.

Following the release of the movie’s trailer — featuring Johnny Knoxville, Steve-o, Wee Man, and the gang — PETA has reached out to Los Angeles prosecutors demanding a criminal probe into the filmmakers regarding an alleged incident of animal cruelty.

(Via Joblo.)Here’s an excerpt from PETA’s press release:PETA’s attention has been drawn to the production of the upcoming Paramount Pictures movie, filmed in Los Angeles County, the trailer for which shows Johnny Knoxville being charged by a bull, Sean McInerney being bitten on the nose by a snake, and a tarantula trapped in a plastic tube between Ehren McGhehey and Compston Wilson’s heads.

PETA notes that these activities appear to violate California’s prohibitions on bullfighting and similar exhibitions,

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