‘Picard’ Showrunner Michael Chabon Believes ‘Trek’ Should Not Repeat Itself but Understands Fan Angst

“When I sat down and watched the first episode of ‘The Next Generation’ the night it premiered, my first reaction was, ‘I don’t like this,’” Michael Chabon told IndieWire.

“’What is this crap with the bald actor? And a counselor on the bridge? And why do you need this first officer — like, who’s the captain here? And this android’s just a knockoff Spock.’”That sentiment reflects some of the current fan pushback to just how radically different the novelist and screenwriter turned showrunner’s own series, “Star Trek: Picard,” has been from what viewers were used to on “The Next Generation.” Of course, by “a certain point in the second season” Chabon had come around to “Next Gen.” These things take time, and the shock of the new can be very real.The seventh episode of “Picard,” titled “Nepenthe,” is a welcome return to two old favorites from the previous series,

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