Pink Wall review – time-hopping down romance’s rocky road | Peter Bradshaw’s film of the week

Director Tom Cullen reshuffles events in an intimate drama about how the messiness of life jeopardises a new relationshipTom Cullen is the actor who had his breakthrough in Andrew Haigh’s contemporary romantic drama Weekend in 2011; now he makes an interesting and worthwhile debut as writer-director with Pink Wall, an intimate, scenes-from-a-relationship movie.

We see various moments from various years in the time that a certain troubled couple are together, and the reshuffling of the narrative order somehow accentuates the poignant entropy as things fall apart.Jay Duplass plays Leon, an amiable, unambitious American guy in London with vague plans to become a photographer, but who likes hanging out in his flat cooking, listening to music and smoking weed, generally savouring the solo mood of directionless creativity and fun.

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