‘Please Baby Please’ Review: Andrea Riseborough Is Transfixing in Genderqueer Pseudo-Musical Extravaganza

The opening moments of Amanda Kramer’s “Please Baby Please” play like an archly stylized “West Side Story” by way of Kenneth Anger.

Only, instead of the Jets, we have the “Young Gents,” a group of leather-clad rascals who dance their way through the streets of a neon-tinged, foggy 1950s Manhattan before descending on an unsuspecting couple and, well, beating them to death.

Looking like Marlon Brando circa “The Wild One” cosplayers, this ragtag group is interrupted by two stunned bystanders, Arthur and Suze (Harry Melling and Andrea Riseborough).

The moment will change the bohemian couple forever.

The lustful gazes exchanged between Arthur and Teddy, as well as the electrifying fear-turned-titillation Suze experiences, set them both on a conquest to undo the relationship they thought they wanted.

In the process, Kramer sketches out a feverish queer manifesto on gender that feels both novel and familiar.For by the time the

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