Point Blank review – mediocre action thriller remake lands on Netflix

Anthony Mackie rises above a rickety remake of a French thriller about a nurse teaming up with a criminal after his wife is kidnappedIn order to create the optimal viewing experience for rickety Netflix thriller Point Blank, a quickie remake of the acclaimed 2010 French film, expectations should either be lowered or, even better, eradicated completely.

It’s an easy-to-follow strategy given that a) Netflix original films are patchy at best and b) here’s yet another one of them that’s received no form of marketing push.

The Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston comedy Murder Mystery was a solidly enjoyable watch given that it was “mostly agreeable” compared to “utterly wretched” like Sandler’s other Netflix titles while Hilary Swank’s sci-fi thriller I Am Mother was a pleasant surprise given that no one really knew it existed until the day it dropped.Related: Murder Mystery review – Adam Sandler and

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