‘Portlandia’: Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein Want To Reunite One Day, But Not In a Cheesy Movie — Turn It On Podcast

Portlandia” has successfully skewered modern relationships, pop culture and well-meaning misguided characters over the course of eight seasons.

But looking back, Carrie Brownstein admits that she cringes at a few older sketches that don’t necessarily hold up.In particular, Fred Armisen’s characters make references early in the show’s run to Netflix — but the mail-order DVDs, not the streaming service.

“That’s one thing that bothers me,” Brownstein said.

“You’re apt to make something that becomes dated because of technology.

You’re not immune to it.

But I hate it so much!”Still, for a show that is filmed months in advance and can’t be timely, “Portlandia” has mostly managed to be in the zeitgeist.

Think about the sketch years ago about spoiler alerts (which has become even more relevant in this Peak TV age) or the infamous Colin the chicken sketch, which took the idea

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