‘Pose’ Review: Season 3 Indulges in an Opulent and Sentimental Fantasy Finale

[Editor’s Note: The following contains minor spoilers for “Pose” Season 3.]Anyone who’s been watching “Pose” over its history-making FX run won’t be surprised to learn the colorful show about New York’s ball culture definitely goes out with a bang.

No expense was spared on the third and final season of Ryan Murphy’s most influential period melodrama — and the makeup and costumes are just as indulgent as the sentimental storytelling.

With all of the pain and heartache trans people of color face in the real world, “Pose” laughs in face of reality by throwing something much more celebratory onscreen.

Throughout all three seasons, “Pose” remains the fiercest advocate for itself — and for the power of living your truth.Not that “Pose” ignores the ravages of the AIDS crisis, discrimination, and violence faced by the most marginalized (and most fabulous) among us.

This season pulls no punches with the tragic realities of life for LGBTQ people

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