‘Premature’ Review: Perceptive and Poetic Writing Elevates Cliched Coming-of-Age Tale — Sundance

Things are already tense between lovers Ayanna (Zora Howard) and Isaiah (Joshua Boone) by the time he blows up at her friends in a crowded restaurant, running out on them (and her), later sniffing to his teenage girlfriend that they’re “so young.” Ayanna, of course, is just as young as they are, but she’s so consumed by her burgeoning relationship that Isaiah’s insults fail to land with her.

And yet the implication is unmissable.

The somewhat unwieldy title of filmmaker Rashaad Ernesto Green’s second feature film is better read as “pre-mature” — the title card even plays up the intent, presenting the two parts in different colors — and its meaning should influence every moment that unspools: Ayanna is not yet mature, but she will be.

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