Prepping For Platoon Was Especially Punishing For Forest Whitaker And Willem Dafoe

It’s not uncommon to hear of actors being put through boot camp to prepare for war movie roles, but when Oliver Stone made his long-gestating, Academy Award-winning Vietnam film “Platoon,” he had his actors undergo training in the real jungle.

“Platoon” was inspired by Stone’s true-life experiences as a soldier in the U.S.

Army during the Vietnam War, and he wanted the cast to learn survival and bond like an actual military unit.

This was harder for some cast members than others.In a 2022 interview with The Guardian, Charlie Sheen related how he reached the end of his first day of location shooting for “Platoon,” only to realize that “there was no bus pulling up” to take him and his castmates back to the hotel.

“I looked at Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker and said: ‘I guess we’re just staying here,'” he recalled.

While out in the jungle, Sheen said,

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