Prey Opens the Door for a Broader Exploration of Human History

For decades, the Predator franchise has struggled to stay relevant and exciting post-the original 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger led-movie.

While the original has been beloved since it was released, Predator 2 made less money and struggled to find critical success on its own.

Even though it has since seen new life as a cult classic, it didn’t do much for the franchise as a whole.

Predators would take the series in a completely new direction in 2010, which was mainly applauded among fans, while Shane Black’s 2018 venture, The Predator, was a critically panned mess that, like Terminator: Dark Fate the following year, crashed and burned upon the initial release.

And this isn’t even to mention the Alien vs.

Predator movies, which are actually a lot more fun than some of the other Predator and Alien installments.

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