‘Princess Bride’ on Quibi: Fun, Flaky, Precious, Beguiling and (Sort of) Addictive (Column)

There’s a flaky moment of lo-fi enchantment in the Quibi version of “The Princess Bride” when Inigo Montoya, played with forthright flair by Diego Luna (that’s just after he’s played by Oscar Nunez and just before he’s played by Finn Wolfhard), takes the sword crafted by his father — the one that got his father killed by the six-fingered man — and gives it to Westley, who is played by Jack Black (that’s just after he’s played by Common and just before he’s played by David Spade).

The sword Montoya takes out is a cherry-red children’s umbrella.

He hands it over, and in the next shot, as Westley grabs it, it’s a blue toy lightsaber, which is somehow perfect, since when Jack Black says with reverence that it’s the finest sword he has ever seen, you can believe that he’d feel

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