Prisoners of the Ghostland review – testicle-detonating Nicolas Cage sci-fi

Nicolas Cage teams up with Japanese enfant terrible director Sion Sono for an entertaining post-apocalyptic mashupCult Japanese film-maker Sion Sono never shies away from an opportunity to shock and surprise with lashings of gore, weirdness and lurid, louche lunacy.

Nicolas Cage, meanwhile (now practically a cult himself), loves to rage, bellow and glower in offbeat low-budget films, apparently the kookier the better.

They’ve teamed up for this beyond-bonkers, cross-cultural bricolage of styles and influences, and the result is predictably excessive, noisy and more than a little exhausting.

But mostly in a fun way, as long as you’re not bothered by gratuitous violence, incoherence and a deep streak of silly.The setting is some kind of future Earth/parallel universe/post-apocalyptic zona – the why and when is not really important – that’s a mashup of neon-streaked Tokyo fleshpot and Mad Max-style wild west dystopia.

A warlord called

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