‘Project Power’ Review: Jamie Foxx Anchors a Druggie Superpower Action Thriller from Netflix

In the hurtling, slapdash fanciful action thriller “Project Power,” people get high by swallowing a tablet that looks like a cross between a tiny light bulb and an old Contact cold-relief capsule.

The bottom half of the pill is dark and ridged, the top half is a bright orange Tesla energy field.

The drug affects different takers in different ways — or maybe it just depends on which piece of visual-effects flimflam the filmmakers feel like unleashing at any given moment.Early on, a drug taker catches fire, like Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four, only in this case he’s really on fire, his body turned into a walking char, as if he were one of the X-Men immolating himself.

Another dude’s body changes color and turns translucent as he runs really, really fast (45 miles per hour according to a breathless newspaper headline — which by my estimate sort of

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