‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish’ Review: Antonio Banderas’ Feline Hero Fights for His (Last) Life in Existential Sequel

More than a decade after “Shrek” prequel/spinoff “Puss in Boots,” the flamboyant feline is up to his old tricks — but has yet to meet the computer-animated ogre whose party he’s destined to crash in “Shrek 2.” As that series wore on, the “Shrek” franchise took on so many popular side characters that by the fourth outing, there was hardly room left to swing a cat.A knee-high hero who walks, talks and swashbuckles upright, Puss was one of the few tagalongs rich enough to warrant his own origin story.

Now, director Joel Crawford (“The Croods: A New Age”) goes dark, bringing the fearless cat face to face with his own mortality.

By forcing Puss to contemplate his priorities, the sequel more than justifies its own existence, while paving the way for how his path meets the big green guy’s.The stakes may be more serious this time around,

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