Radu Ciorniciuc to Follow Sundance Awarded ‘Acasa, My Home’ With ‘Tata’ for HBO Europe (Exclusive)

While “Acasa, My Home” continues to travel the festival circuit – a journey that has included it winning the cinematography award at Sundance, and screening this week at El Gouna in Egypt – and recently secured distribution in North America, its Romanian director Radu Ciorniciuc is hard at work on his next film, “Tata.” Co-directed with “Acasa’s” screenwriter and his partner, Lina Vdovii, it will focus on modern-day slavery.“It’s about a father who is basically living and working in modern-day slavery conditions,” Ciorniciuc tells Variety.

“He was violent to his daughter when she was young and now they meet.

She is a journalist and she wants to confront him in Italy, where he works, coming from Moldova.

She learns he has been [in this nightmarish situation of modern-day slavery] for the last two decades, and her investigation gives them a platform to explore their broken bond.

So once again, it’s a family story,” he says

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