‘Rafiki’ Director Wanuri Kahiu Talks Making Her Hollywood Debut With Netflix’s Lili Reinhart Dramedy ‘Look Both Ways’

When Wanuri Kahiu first received the script for Netflix’s “Look Both Ways,” the Kenyan director felt like she was, in a certain sense, reading her own story.The dramedy focuses on Natalie (Lili Reinhart), who takes a pregnancy test on the eve of her college graduation.

Her life then diverges into two parallel worlds: one where she stays in Texas and becomes a young mother, and the other in which she isn’t pregnant and moves to L.A.

to pursue a career in animation.“I felt it was partially my life, in the sense that I remember the exact moment I realized I was pregnant and how I literally saw my life take a parallel route,” Kahiu, now a mother of two, tells Variety.

“I believe in parallel lives and multiple existences, and it really appealed to me.”“Look Both Ways,” debuting Aug.

17, marks Kahiu’s first Hollywood project,

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