‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’s’ Paul Freeman Reflects on Working With Steven Spielberg

Playing René Belloq in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” is something English actor Paul Freeman has always taken pride in.

“The fact that it just keeps giving is wonderful,” he says.Portraying the rival archaeologist in Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-nominated film has made him a staple in the Indiana Jones canon, but it isn’t just Belloq that brought him fame.

In an interview with Variety, Freeman discusses his time working on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” the 1995 movie version of the superhero TV show, where he played the purple villain Ivan Ooze.Freeman, 78, has had a long career that runs the gamut from Gustav Reibmann in the television soap opera “Falcon Crest” to the Reverend Shooter in Edgar Wright’s “Hot Fuzz.” As a classically trained theater actor, he’s taken on the words of David Mamet (“Glengarry Glen Ross”) and William Shakespeare (“Henry V”).“Raiders of the Lost Ark,

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