‘Raised by Wolves’ Season 2 May Speak to Parents Overwhelmed by a Preposterous World

On a lonely, fog-drenched mountaintop, as a flying snake the length of a train car circles a speargun-toting android, only one thought crossed my mind: Parenting is basically impossible.Of course, today’s guardians are already well-aware.

Having navigated nearly two years of a deadly pandemic, anyone in charge of a youngster under five is likely struggling to find sustainable childcare, while those responsible for adolescents old enough to get vaccinated still have to deal with added responsibilities like remote learning, breakthrough cases, and furious debates about every institutional policy decision that could affect their children’s lives.

Some call these ongoing challenges “insurmountable.” Others can only find solace in primordial expulsions.But for those parents with enough time for a TV break — and please, parents, take any reprieve you can — “Raised By Wolves” Season 2 offers an otherworldly remove from your worries and, quite possibly, catharsis to boot.


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