Rampage director gives an update on his Just Cause movie starring Jason Momoa

Last year it was announced that Justice League star Jason Momoa has joined the cast of Just Cause, an adaptation of the hit video game series, which has Brad Peyton attached to direct.Coming off the back of another video game adaptation Rampage, which opened in theaters around the world earlier this month, Peyton has provided an update on the film’s progress during an interview with Collider, as well as discussing why Momoa is perfect for the character of Rico Rodriguez, a.k.a.

Scorpio.“We’re working on the script.

Jason Momoa, myself, and my producing partner, Jeff Fierson, have a show on Netflix, called Frontier, so we have a good working relationship with him, and he’s a really easy, good guy to work with.

At this point, we’re just working on his character and we’re working on the script.“The world has this fun tone.

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