‘Ratched’ Review: 6 Mind-Boggling, Mostly Bad Choices in Ryan Murphy’s ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ Prequel

Prior to Friday’s premiere there were warning signs that “Ratched” might be more of a Ryan Murphy camp-fest than a sincere prequel to “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” An eye-popping color palette, with certain scenes completely bathed in red or green, stood in stark contrast to the white and gray backdrop of Milos Forman’s 1975 movie.Explicit, darkly comic threats over the theft of a breakroom peach took the place of Nurse Ratched’s passive-aggressive manipulation of patients.

And the villainous character’s symbolic place in popular culture as a representative of corruption and dehumanization within industrialized medicine, especially for anyone reliant on in-patient care, didn’t appear as important to the new series as ghoulish frights.Also, Sharon Stone’s co-star was a monkey.

Again.Seeing as the Oscar-nominated actress has turned curious guest arcs on random shows into high art a time or two before, she

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