Read First Reactions to a Movie from 1906 and Other Gems from Rotten Tomatoes’ New Classic Film Archive

Rotten Tomatoes has introduced its new archival hub, which will house and preserve editorial content related to classic and historic film.

The staff of the Rt Archives has worked to uncover lost and incomplete films from the silent and early sound era, as well as create Tomatometer scores for older films, resurface forgotten or shuttered press outlets, and give recognition to pioneering film critics.

What did the critics say about your favorites when they were brand new? Take a deep dive into the Rt Archives and find out.Assets include writings of famed film critic Pauline Kael, whose biting insights on film are often hard to find on the internet, the story of pioneering aquatic star Annette Kellerman, what critics said about the world’s first feature-length film “The Story of the Kelly Gang” from 1906, and the story of the Lon Chaney monster that inspired Jennifer Kent’s cult classic “The Babadook.

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