Ready Player Two: 7 Other Speculative Sci-Fi Novels That Deserve Adaptations, From ‘The Oracle Year’ to Ernest Cline’s ‘Armada’

Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” is a hit, pulling in $181 million worldwide in box office receipts during its inaugural weekend, and giving the filmmaker his biggest success since “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” a decade ago.

But while Spielberg didn’t need another big sci-fi hit to prove his worth in the genre, the success of the Ernest Cline adaptation may help open the door for other ambitious novels to make the jump to the screen.Cline’s pop culture-infused vision of a future world dominated by imaginative technology is hardly the only one of its ilk, and the bestseller is part of a long line of similar stories, many of which are already primed for their own adaptations.

Speculative fiction that is rooted in the evolving possibilities of Vr, online gaming, and cultural currency seems poised for a Hollywood moment.

Here are seven novels

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