Real Guns Aren’t Needed on Film and TV Sets, Experts Say, Amid Calls for a Permanent Ban

While acting on four seasons of FX’s “American Horror Story,” Leslie Grossman estimates she’s been called upon to shoot a gun “several times.”“They’re never real guns,” she says.

“Nine times out of 10, I’m using a rubber gun.” When the scene does call for a more dramatic close-up of a gun firing with a physical recoil, Grossman says she usually shoots an air gun instead, with effects added in post-production to enhance authenticity.

On the most recent season, “American Horror Story: Double Feature,” Grossman recalls only using rubber guns, even while shooting them.“I even said, ‘Wait, is this gonna look super fake?’ And they’re like, ‘Oh, we can fix anything later to make it look super real.’ And they did, and it looked really real,” she said.The deadly shooting on the set of the independent film “Rust” that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and

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