Rebel Moon: Everything We Know So Far About the Zack Snyder Film

Streaming powerhouse Netflix will be teaming up with Zack Snyder after the unprecedented success of his movie Army of the Dead.

After Zack’s lengthy run at Warner Bros and DC, he’s found a new home with the streaming service promising an array of exciting new projects.

His next film Rebel Moon has been touted to be an epic two-parter with the likelihood of spin-off properties.

A lifelong Star Wars fan, Snyder initially intended Rebel Moon as a Star Wars movie.

He had the idea to pitch Rebel Moon as a more mature take on the universe created by George Lucas.

That idea was shut down after Walt Disney Co.

acquired LucasFilm in 2012.

Snyder then set up a deal with Deborah Snyder’s production company Stone Quarry and Netflix for Rebel Moon to be reworked into an entirely new universe.

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